A week in the life of a Digital Marketer

Please enjoy this blog, written by Talia Flint during her work experience here at Brevity Marketing.

Excitedly, I’m starting my work experience this week at Brevity Marketing Ltd during year 10. The reason I chose marketing is because it’s a varied and popular career route.

My Mum works at Brevity Marketing and recommended I choose this as I enjoy creative subjects.  She also said that hopefully I can teach her a bit more about how to use Snapchat!

High Expectations

Some of the things I hope to gain during my time at Brevity are not only experiencing how it is to have a real job but to build up my confidence and communication skills when working with new people.

Studying GSCE Graphic Design, I hope to be able to use the profession’s that I’ve learnt from this subject, such as my eye for design and my IT skills.  English is another subject I enjoy at school so hopefully my teacher will be impressed with my first ever blog!

Another thing I’m interested in is learning how to use Twitter, LinkedIn and Canva as I’ve never used them before, along with creating some social media posts. I’m also looking forward to a market research exercise in town centre with Lilly looking at how retailers could improve their marketing to attract my age group.

From my point of view

There are a lot of brands that I love, such as: Nike, Pretty Little Thing, Morphe and a few more. I’m interested in these brands because I like the products they produce, and I also think that the fact Morphe doesn’t test on animals is good, as there are lots of brands that do.

A social media account (on Instagram) I enjoy looking at is called: tvdwitches and it shows posts and quotes from my favourite two tv series right now, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Their posts appeal to me because they show all the best moments from both series. Another account I follow on Instagram that I like is called: Finnwoldhardofficial.  I like his account because he was my favourite actor from stranger things (which was another one of my favourite Netflix series). He was also in another one of my favourite films called ‘IT’.

My favourite social media app to use is snapchat because I like that I get to design my bitmoji which is a little avatar that looks like you or whoever you make it out to be.

Highlights of my week

It’s now got to the end of my work experience and it’s turned out to be how I expected it to be. Overall, I’ve liked finding quotes from Pinterest and pictures from Adobe Stock; then putting the quotes and pictures together on Canva.

Over the past week, I’ve also enjoyed writing and editing my blog. I’ve enjoyed this because I’ve never written a blog, therefore I didn’t really know how to but now I do.

My three favourite things I’ve done are:

  • Using Canva to put quotes and pictures together
  • Went to town and looked at how retailers can improve their marketing
  • I also liked researching into what I think the high street will be like in 20 years, now that online shopping has taken over.

Throughout the week, I’ve done a lot of things while I’ve been here, but I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t really liked, although I’ve been struggling while trying to find a headline for my blog.

Final Thoughts

Overall this week has gone how I expected it to go, I’ve learnt how to use canva and I also went to town and looked at lots of different shops to look at their marketing and how they could improve and what I’d do if I were to change their marketing to target my age group. I also wrote a bit about what I think the high street will look like in 20 years time. As online shopping is taking over and whether I think there will be drones to deliver peoples orders.

When I get older I think that I want to go into graphic design, although I like the idea of writing social media posts which comes underneath marketing but I’m not completely sure what I want to do just yet.