Along came Brevity…

As a university student, you might often be told that landing your first ‘career focused’ job will be a challenge. “It can’t be that hard, they’re exaggerating”, “I have a wide skillset”, “I’m good at what I do” – these are all things you may tell yourself, seeking reassurance that these people are just scaremongering.

Although these positive affirmations might be true; even if you have strong skills and you’re talented at what you do, it’s still a case of getting your foot in the door of your desired industry, which can be extremely difficult until an open-minded company gives you a break. This was the case for a recent addition to the Brevity team – Naomi, our new PR and Marketing Assistant.

Introducing Naomi

Throughout school, Naomi knew she could write and had a creative mindset. Upon starting college, she expanded her abilities by studying Moving Image, Textiles, English and Media. Managing three coursework based subjects gave Naomi an awareness of how to juggle multiple workloads efficiently, which of course when working within a marketing agency, is crucial.

Naomi then went on to study for a degree in Fashion Journalism; encapsulating her love for style, writing and all different types of media in one fell swoop. The three year course comprised a variety of units including photography, film, language, design and PR, which helped her build the multi-faceted skillset she has today.

Whilst having such a broad range of skills is beneficial, it also means there are multiple tasks you enjoy doing in equal measure, so choosing one role can feel restrictive. So when Naomi saw the job ad for Brevity Marketing, our Hampshire Marketing agency, she was extremely excited because the role would give all her skills room to shine, working across different channels and accounts.

Director of Brevity, Kaia Vincent comments on Naomi’s arrival:

“We’re really excited about further expanding the Brevity team with the arrival of Naomi because she’s already got skills (and of course a fresh and youthful mind) that will enhance our offering to clients.

“Not only that, giving Naomi a career break gives me much pleasure. I was very lucky that someone saw potential in me when I was younger and gave me that entrance into marketing. We had many applications, including a number of strong candidates, but it was Naomi’s character, creative spark and diversity of skills that led to her landing the job over the competition.”

Holding out hope and broadening your horizons

Before landing the role at Brevity, Naomi had been searching within the Southampton area, where she is based. However, she found that jobs within the PR and marketing field were quite restricted or the roles advertised were that of a senior level. With that in mind she decided to broaden her horizons and start looking elsewhere – which included Basingstoke.

Naomi tells us about her journey and experience at Brevity so far:

“I am relieved and excited to finally have found the perfect role for me. I was definitely starting to feel disheartened after six months of job hunting and couldn’t believe it was taking so long. However, in a way I am happy it took as long as it did and waited for the right opportunity – otherwise I wouldn’t be part of the Brevity team now!

“Brevity will mean good things for me and I can’t wait to develop my skills – and with such a talented team I have no doubt this will be the case. Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming, Kaia even bought me my own mug! I look forward to what the future holds within my place at Brevity and I hope to bring a pair of fresh eyes and an extra flair of creativity to the team!”

Naomi will support the entire Brevity team, but most notably our PR department which has seen high growth and increased interest during the last quarter.

To enquire about all PR and marketing services Brevity offer, call us on 01256536056 or email