Is anyone reading your blog?


Anyone can start a blog, can’t they? It’s not just big brands, celebrities and eyebrow aficionados; almost everyone’s at it these days – from your personal trainer, to the Mumpreneurs at the school gate, that fancy coffee shop on the corner, and your triathlon-loving dentist. But when it’s become a case of “sooo many blogs, so little time”, how do you write a blog that people will read?

As copywriters, we write millions of words for the blogosphere every year. So, because we know it’s not as easy as it looks, we’re here to share Brevity’s 5 simple tips for better blogging with you…

Be clear about your topic

Identify your expertise and use it to define exactly what you want to say on your blog. Maybe you have a growing business manufacturing eco-friendly phone cases and you’re passionate about teaching people how to reduce plastic waste, or you’ve developed a new breed of ergonomic office chairs and you want to share your spine-saving knowledge with the world. If too many cooks ruin the broth, too many topics can ruin the blog. Stick to what you know!

Find your voice

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Writing your blog in your unique tone of voice helps your readers relate to you. What’s your personality? What’s your company culture? Be it quirky, understated, or practical – show your true colours through the language and writing style you use on your blog. That way, more like-minded folk and potential customers will invest their time in your blog and the products and services you have to offer. Don’t forget to include some images too!

Don’t forget about the SEO benefits of blogging

Ultimately, providing original, informative content that answers your readers’ search query is what will help you get closer towards that coveted top spot on the first page of Google…but having a keyword in mind for each specific blog plays a big part too.  Think carefully and realistically about which specific word your target audience will type into Google and any related keywords – make sure these are featured throughout your blog post. It helps to develop a content calendar, adding specific blogs in and assigning keywords that you are not doing so well at for each blog.

Links, links, links

More links mean more clicks, so insert a few throughout your blog – but be strategic (you don’t want to divert your readers’ attention at the crucial moment). Try linking to relevant information elsewhere on your own site as well as to related content that your readers will find useful and fun. If you provide useful content, other sites will link back to you and that will improve your search position as well.

Get social

There’s an alternate universe full of amazing blog content that nobody has ever read – simply because the creators never showed anyone where to find it. Every time you write a blog, you have the perfect excuse to get on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and engage your followers with your latest blog post. The added benefit of doing this? If you’ve followed our advice, with any luck your content will get tonnes of shares and likes – giving you an even bigger audience to impress with your next blog! Why not collate your most recent blog posts into a regular monthly email newsletter to share with your customers and prospects, too? The additional ROI on blog content creation is that it can be re-purposed in other ways to reach a larger audience.

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