Back to school: A valuable marketing lesson for Basingstoke businesses

Can you believe that September is just around the corner? Many of us associate it with that ‘back to school’ feeling; those shiny shoes, freshly-sharpened pencils and a new notebook just screaming out for ideas.

Fresh from your summer holidays, you’re no doubt feeling that wave of inspiration to review your marketing plans for the remainder of 2016 and find ways to kick those business targets out of the park.

Leaflet-Distribution-BasingstokeOne of the things you might be wondering about is how to or reach your local community more effectively. Maybe you’re thinking about local advertising such as leaflet distribution in Basingstoke, or on community noticeboards.

As the kids flood back to school, there will be a much higher footfall in community hubs like local halls and shops. At this time of year, advertising noticeboards in central places like these will attract much more attention from your prospective customers.

Think about it … parents will be back from holiday too and on the hunt for new after school activities, maybe an evening class, or a good gardener to get their suburban jungle shipshape before winter blows in.

Even if you’re a solicitor or an accountant and might not have advertised in this way before, local noticeboards like these are prime advertising space and their power is definitely not to be underestimated.

The common misconception about advertising in local community hubs like noticeboards is that, even if people see your ad, they won’t remember the contact details on your ad once they’ve left the building. Yet, you don’t want to print a pile of takeaway leaflets off and leave them there to be moved, hidden or accidentally crumpled and made dog-eared by passers-by.

Perhaps you’ve tried leaflet distribution in Basingstoke in the past and, even though it worked, you would rather forget all those hours of traipsing round in an October gale, dropping stacks off at each place. Let’s face it, the days will soon be getting shorter and cooler, which makes that prospect even less inviting.

Fortunately, there are smarter ways around leaflet distribution in Basingstoke these days. Services like Rip’ A Strip could save you hours of legwork and every month, not to mention the odd upturned umbrella and sad, soggy shoes.

Rip’ A Strip is a clever advert/leaflet hybrid that goes up on those all-important community noticeboards, but it features a number of handy perforated tabs with your details on that customers simply rip off and take away. And you don’t even have to distribute it yourself because there is an affordable distribution and replenishment option.

Because it’s innovative in design and exclusive to only 50 businesses at any one time, Rip A’ Strip is a form of leaflet distribution in Basingstoke that really catches the eye.

September is also traditionally a time of harvest. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,” that’s how the famous poet Keats described this time of year. Think of leaflet distribution in Basingstoke as your ticket to a bumper crop of fruitful new business.

Discover more about our Rip A’ Strip service on our website – or contact Kaia or Rebecca at Brevity on 01256 536 000