Campaign of the month – Dove

You never know where the next big marketing campaign idea is going to come from. Inspiration can strike at any time, in any place. That’s why marketing experts like us keep our antennae permanently switched on…

Our Campaign of the Month blog feature celebrates marketing campaigns from near and far; those we might catch whilst listening to local Basingstoke radio stations in the car, to those in the ad break of our favourite TV shows (most people get up to make a cuppa, not us!), in a magazine at the dentist surgery, or those spotted on billboards in major cities.

Keeping it real

We’re celebrating a marketing concept that runs across several channels from print, to television advertising, to social media; one with real authenticity and longevity. For a few years now, cosmetics brand Dove has continued to use the theme of ‘real beauty’ in its marketing activity. Dove’s mission is to “create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety” and in 2017 they have reaffirmed this commitment to real beauty with The Dove Real Beauty Pledge – three ‘unbreakable vows’ they promise to continue to uphold for women everywhere:

  • to always feature real women, never models
  • to portray women as they are in real life
  • to help girls build body confidence and self-esteem

Dove’s first vow in particular – to use real women in their campaigns, representing the population’s diversity – illustrates how they’ve been at the forefront of a zeitgeist in the industry, whereby beauty brands are turning away from traditional advertising formats featuring images of supermodels and film stars and towards the use of real people to front their campaigns.

Dropping the mask

A ‘selfie’ generation spawned from the snowballing power of sites like Instagram and You Tube is what’s giving this shift such momentum. The real image reigns supreme these days and the impact of a well-followed beauty vlogger using a certain lipstick in their tutorial can sell out an entire range much faster than an expensive celebrity spokesperson can. Why? Social media is increasingly how we relate to and aspire towards each other and that relatability holds a strong influence over consumers.

Showing a friendlier face

The hunger for real images has rippled far beyond the beauty industry and brands across a variety of industries are now using images of real people to sell their products and services. One of our clients, recruitment agency Wote Street People, came to us with the brief to update their website photography. Their objective; to show how down-to earth and approachable they are to both jobseekers and local businesses.

Brevity Marketing and a local photographer worked with the recruitment agents to capture an original and light-hearted set of portraits depicting the team in their former roles (or what they wanted to be when they grew up), from mad scientist to chef. Now, visitors to their site are not only inspired that they too can change career paths; they trust the friendly faces at Wote Street People to help them achieve their recruitment goals.

When Dove started out selling a simple bar of soap in a very different advertising landscape in 1957, little did they know that they would turn out to be such an influential player in the way the beauty industry – and others – use images of real people to sell their products in the 21st century.

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