Campaign of the month: Ecover ‘From beach to bottle’

Our regular campaign of the month blog feature keeps you in touch with the freshest activity happening out there in the marketing world. Pioneering campaigns are all around us; from TV to billboard to internet to radio, and we’re following them closely to spot the ideas that ‘wow’.

Rewind 25 years ago or more; the words ‘recycling bin’ might as well have been a foreign language. But since then the introduction of things like takeaway coffee culture, lunch to go, and ever-increasing numbers of beauty products lining our bathroom shelves has meant much more of something else: waste. More specifically, plastic waste. The way we live now means that we’ve had to adapt to become much more environmentally conscious and many brands are capitalising on this.

So which brand is spreading the eco word the most effectively?

The clue is in the name – Ecover, a Belgium-based company that manufactures ecologically sound cleaning products (made from plant-based and mineral ingredients). They’ve become popular with conscious consumers for their environmentally sound ethos and cruelty-free values, with people choosing their products over other big chemical brands to keep their homes clean – but keep the planet clean, too.

Surfing the green wave

Experts predict that by 2050 there may be more plastic in our ocean than fish, a very sad thought indeed. ‘From beach to bottle’ is Ecover’s new educational campaign and product they’re using to promote it is their washing up liquid, now available in an attractive bottle that’s made from 50% plastic collected from our seas and 50% recycled plastic (the bottle itself can also be recycled, of course). 5 tonnes of plastic have been recovered from the sea so far to make the washing up liquid bottles, illustrating that Ecover put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their eco-conscious branding.

They’ve included an engaging animation on their website with a striking scrolling banner, showing an old plastic bottle washed up on the beach and the journey it takes to become transformed into the bottle of Ecover washing up liquid we can pick up from the supermarket shelf. ‘From beach to bottle’ shows us how, with a simple purchasing decision, we can play our part in looking after the planet.

Ecover stands out when it comes to creating community-inspired and authentic messages, rallying consumers with truthful slogans such as, ‘When we do something together, that’s when things really change’. Not only to they make it easy for us to make the environmentally sound purchase, they motivate us too.

A healthy USP

Ecover recognise that more people want to use eco-friendly household products to be kinder to the environment, but for many the selling point is that these products are also better for your health. So, why exactly is Ecover better for you? They do a great job of explaining this for customers on their website, without bamboozling them with complicated science:

“Here at Ecover, we care about your home & what you clean it with.  That’s why our formulas are made using effective plant-based and mineral ingredients which are carefully screened and scrutinised for their impact on your home, your family and our environment including eye irritation, skin irritation, aquatic toxicity and biodegradability.  As part of that screening, we work with an independent third party to assess ingredients using the Cradle to Cradle methodology for human health and safety.”

Environmental and health benefits are one thing, but how well do their products work? Well, the highly-influential online forum Mumsnet is on-board, with 89% saying they would recommend Ecover products to a friend. When it comes to the office washing up, here at Brevity we’d have to agree. There’s so much to admire about the Ecover brand and ‘From beach to bottle’ is a very worthy winner of our Campaign of the Month.

Be greener today – our tips

Ecover products are available from leading supermarkets, so why not give them a go? Want to know a few other tips for reducing your plastic waste that you can try today?

  • Buy a reusable coffee cup and your favourite barista will fill it with your choice of hot drink – with zero waste from those non-biodegradable cups and lids
  • Ditto for water bottles – and if you do need to buy a bottle of water, remember that plastic bottle caps can’t go in the green bin but you can take them to your local Lush shop for recycling
  • Pack your lunch – if we all did this we’d collectively save tonnes of nasty single use plastic item such as salad pots, straws, plastic spoons, forks and knives from ending up killing sea creatures
  • Buying a household cleaning product or beauty must-have? Check the label to see if the packaging is recycled and/or recyclable and if not, try another brand instead

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