Campaign of the month – Sky Mobile

As a marketing agency in Hampshire, we’re always on the lookout for inspirational campaigns, whether they’re local Basingstoke campaigns, regional campaigns from Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey, national or international. Campaigns that show us something new, motivate us, make us laugh and get us thinking about the bigger picture always deserve a special mention.

These marketing campaigns come in a range of mediums. They could be online, offline, below the line or above the line; anything from a memorable radio jingle to an impressively executed television advert.

So, what’s caught our eye this month?

Sky Mobile launch advert

That’s right, it’s the new Sky mobile advert starring the one and only Tom Hardy! Take a look.

The Oscar-nominated actor has taken to our television screens to promote the launch of the new Sky Mobile ‘Roll’ proposition; a mobile package allowing customers to roll any unused data into a ‘bank’ each month; a ‘bank’ they will have access to for three years and can dip into whenever they need. What a refreshing prospect.

Tom Hardy sits in a café and brings the ‘Roll’ product to life through an analogy using sugar cubes. A frustrating altercation between Tom and his waiter shows his waiter trying remove the sugar from the table, depicting the frustration we all feel when mobile phone providers take away our remaining data at the end of each month!

Sky Mobile’s advert works because it uses an everyday café setting which is familiar to us and evokes ease. More than that, the sugar cube concept simplifies what can be a tricky and frustrating product area to understand. In both respects, the concept mirrors the product’s USPs – ease, simplicity and convenience. It stands out in such a competitive and saturated market, leaving us, the viewer, feeling clear about what’s on offer and exactly how that offer works.

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This blog was written by Lilly Steel. Lilly has recently left Portsmouth University following her digital marketing studies and has joined the Brevity team as a full-time marketing and office administrator.