So, what can’t Dropbox do for your business?

So, many small business use DropBox because….ahh yes – it starts off free! and that makes it very attractive when cash flow is tight.

But, have you ever thought about the value of the information you store on your DropBox virtual server?

Your customer information, proposals and many more files that are no-doubt invaluable to your business.

If this information went missing, or worse, got into the wrong hands – well, it could be a disaster for your business and you could lose prospects and loyal customers. Should you really be relying on a free tool to take good care of your data? I know I wouldn’t.

I was reading an interesting article about DropBox today. Did you know….

  1. Don’t call us, we’ll call you! – you can’t e-mail Dropbox for support – you have to fill in an online form and they will get back to you.
  2. You can’t tell you where your data is or how your data is transferred. Dropbox uses the ‘rent-a-server’ approach and relies on Amazon S3 to store and transfer your files. Relying on a third-party arguably increases the risk of a security breach.
  3. Dropbox servers (via Amazon) are only in the United States. Users, particularly in Europe, are concerned about US privacy laws and aren’t given the option of another location to store their files.
    Can’t restore most deleted folders and files (even from the web interface), and only the last 10 deleted files are available, which usually isn’t enough.
  4. Can’t control who can view, download, edit, or delete folders or files once they have been shared through the sync folder, all deletions and changes are propagated to everyone.
    Can’t allow you to create secure public links through password protection, expiration timers, and PDF download policies.
  5. Can’t let you edit Office files on your mobile device using an integrated and secure mobile app.
    Can’t let you mark-up and annotate any file type your mobile device using an integrated and secure mobile app.
  6. Can’t keep versions of files older than 30 days.
  7. Can’t support any mechanism to lock files or alert other users that you’re working on a file.
  8. Can’t perform integrated full-text search of files to help you find relevant documents
  9. Can’t let you customise your online DropBox Dashboard with your company’s own branding for improved user experience.

I must admit that when I first started Brevity Marketing I looked at DropBox, but as I was looking to grow the business, it seemed a false economy to start using a solution where although the free usage was attractive at the start, the price was definitely not competitive when you started to increase the number of users.

Luckily, I got introduced to an amazing cloud server tool which has an abundance of functionality that now – I couldn’t live without. And as a true advocate, we now encourage small businesses to trial the system.