Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day can bring calm to your life


Written by Laura Brown
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Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day can bring calm to your life

The third Monday in October marks #CleanYourVirtualDesktopDay, so if you are waiting for the sign to finally clear yours – this is it! Seize the moment and make some time to clear away the files that have been forever languishing on your screen. Today is the day to restore calm and order on your desktop (or smartphone)!

Clear space = clear mind

The created Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day to encourage users to declutter their desktops and take it back to the unspoiled view of when they first unboxed and switched on the machine. It is believed that a clear desktop (or space) equals a clear mind and therefore less chaos and distraction arise. Plus clearing out your desktop increases efficiency as you won’t waste precious time looking for specific files because everything will be in ‘its place’.

Digital clutter be gone!

You can have a quick win against the screen-clutter by going through each of the files on your desktop and sending the unwanted ones straight to the recycling bin, and then properly file away the remaining ones. You can be more organised by transferring all your photos onto storage devices or creating folders especially for them. And to finish off, why not consider giving your desktop a glow-up by updating the theme to something that makes you smile as you login. The added bonus will be your computer performance should improve because all the olds files won’t slow your computer down.

Little and often makes a big difference

Chances are once you’ve cleaned your desktop, you’ll be eager to clear the out-of-date teabags and old notebooks from your pedestal – it’s a chain reaction! I find that when I clear one small area it often sparks motivation to extend the decluttering to other areas but sometimes life takes over, so I have to be content with clearing just one drawer or cupboard at a time. I now have a ‘little and often’ philosophy which in practise looks like:

  • Always having a charity shop bag on the go, ready for the surplus clothes and toys as and when they’re no longer needed.
  • Focusing on one activity per week like selling a few items on Facebook Marketplace or dropping the filled bags off at the charity shop.
  •  Not putting pressure on myself if I can’t declutter as life gets busier.

Little and often over time makes a huge difference to my living and working spaces, and then in turn my well-being benefits as I don’t feel overwhelmed. Stuff is regularly cleared out, under control and not building up.

The advantages of a clear workspace

A study conducted by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute showed that having multiple visual stimuli present within eye range results in those stimuli competing for neural representation. This means that the more visible the clutter, the easier it is to be distracted.

Don’t panic though, your workspace doesn’t need be a stark and minimalist area devoid of warmth and character – as Marie Kondo says ‘keep what sparks joy’. This is an effective method to quickly clear the clutter and the result is that each possession in your home and office is cherished and won’t weigh you down. A clearer workspace increases concentration and productivity.

Review and refresh your marketing activities

You can extend your desktop clear out to your marketing too by having a review and refresh of your marketing and PR activities – when did you last conduct a marketing audit?
A marketing audit is a useful process to examine your resources and find out which strategies work best and reap the rewards for you organisation, and which ones are simply wasting your time and are a drain on the budget.
Audits are usually best conducted by a third party to reduce the risk of any biases skewing the results of the assessment. A successful audit needs to be:

  • Comprehensive – the audit should consider all aspects of the marketing your organisation curates to get the whole picture. It could reveal new opportunities and strengths!

  • Systematic – to minimise the gaps in the audit you should look at all areas of your organisation e.g. environment, strategy and operations.

  • Regular – audits are not for just when things go wrong! Having regular audits enables you to flag any potential issues early and quickly find solutions.

How to conduct an audit

There are seven points to consider in a marketing audit:

  1. Marketing goals and objectives – Your marketing goals should be SMART and should align with your business’ objectives.
  2. Customer personas – who are your target audience? Does your messaging resonate with them?
  3. Your competition – how do your marketing efforts compare to that of your competitors’?
  4. Your products and services – go through your products and service in close detail, looking at features, prices, benefits etc. How do they compare to the competition?
  5. Your assets – make a catalogue of all the collateral you have, from website and catalogues to banners and flyers. And remember to include all social media platforms too!
  6. Analyse the data – once you have compiled all the data above, you should have a clear understanding of marketing your organisation does, and what the strengths and weaknesses are. See which areas should be prioritised for improvement or which areas are getting great results.
  7. Make a plan of action – any issues that need fixing should be the top of your to-do list and you can make informed decisions about what changes have to be made in other areas, in the short or long term.

Once your organisation’s marketing performance has been examined with a fine-tooth comb, you’ve gained an accurate understanding of your target audience and which activities yield the best results, you can make a focused marketing plan with effective marketing campaigns to get even better results!

Brevity Marketing can help

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