Looking for a copywriter in Hampshire who can ‘talk’ in your customers’ language?

If you removed the branding from your website, email campaigns, leaflets and brochures, would your customers still recognise you?

When you communicate across different marketing channels, do you use a singular, familiar voice or does it sound like a discordant brew of different languages, vocabulary and tones? Would someone viewing a range of your marketing materials understand that it all came from the same business?

That hotchpotch of language and misused grammar, randomly used across your marketing activity, not only weakens your overall brand – it could actually be damaging and confusing to your target audience.

Brevity’s in-house copywriter Kelly explains…

“As a copywriter in Hampshire, I often observe how businesses rely too heavily on their logo as an easy badge of identity. Many neglect the vital role that the right words and tone of voice, consistently used, also play in forming and shaping a strong relationship between their brand and their customers.

“Businesses will start out with a clear and consistent tone of voice, almost accidentally, because there are fewer members of staff. By default, that means that the company identity has fewer facets and the line of communication doesn’t become clouded.

“When an organisation increases in size, more ‘identities’ get added to the mix and it becomes more important to define a tone of voice for the business as a whole. With a wider variety of people speaking and writing to your customers, there has to be some uniformity in communication style for an smoother customer journey.”

Keeping it real

A ‘uniform’ tone of voice doesn’t mean that you must give your staff a strict rulebook or script and turn them all into robots, though. On the contrary, a branded tone of voice is about being more relatable. Customers won’t respond to or remember a non-human voice.

One key element of that ‘relatability’ is using an appropriate tone and register; one that is on the same wavelength as your target audience. Your customers are unique and so are you. Embrace and distill that and your tone of voice will be natural and true to who you are.

Innocent smoothies are a brilliant example of a brand that has captured their laid-back, happily healthy, positive spirit in their playful and humorous tone of voice. They use a colloquial style of writing across all platforms, from website copy and tweets to the labels on their products. It works because it resonates with their customers; it speaks to them in their language (and is as refreshing as their drinks).

Finding your voice

Remember that old saying “speak as you would like to be spoken to”? A similar principle applies here. How do your audience communicate with you, with each other and with the wider world? Do they use formal terms, or casual speak? Perhaps they use jargon or slang. Do they keep things brief or do they like extra detail? If their typical language is reflected in your tone of voice it will foster a more personal relationship; you’ll be on their wavelength.

Ask yourself this: which personality traits represent your brand? Is it serious or more light-hearted? Simple or complex? Quirky or conformist?

How you would describe your competitors’ brand personality? What is it about your brand’s unique personality that makes you stand out?

One size doesn’t fit all

Part of our approach to copywriting at Brevity is to get underneath the skin of your business and understand which characteristics set you apart. Unsurprisingly, these can often end up being similar to the personality of your typical customer. So, we seek to understand who that is with techniques such as DISC profiling, enabling us to write insightful copy for your website and marketing materials that is compatible with that personality type because it reflects it in tone and style.

Sounds like common-sense, right? Well, many of the businesses we meet tell us they have every intention of taking this approach but it simply takes up too much time. Often, they end up assigning copywriting tasks to a non-specialist who only has capacity and/or skills to create a one-size-fits-all piece. When you work with Brevity, our expert copywriters will make sure that every headline, strapline, dotted ‘i’ and crossed ‘t’ is written with your key customer persona always forefront of mind.

On topic

Tone of voice is vital, but all the most intelligently composed copy in the universe isn’t going to cut the mustard if you’re not writing about something that your target audience is interested in. Brevity’s dedicated copywriting experts can help you find out what information your customers are searching for and make sure you’re providing the type of content they’re after.

Often, they’ll be looking for informative content such as top tips or guides, or for something topical and ‘news-y’. If you’re there to give them what you’re looking for, that makes you their new ‘go-to’ source of information on that topic, which means they’ll return in future. In automotive? Give them some seasonal car advice. Expanding your dental practice? Provide a bite-size guide to gum health.

Storytelling is another engaging copywriting technique. From a young age, stories are used as a tool to help us understand how things work. They bring ideas and products to life, so that we can see how they fit into our own world. Big family brands like John Lewis have become notorious for their use of storytelling and have struck gold with some of the most memorable TV advertising in recent history.

Case studies

Here are some ways in which we’ve helped businesses to find their voice and talk in their customers’ language…

Reality HR homepage

This successful HR consultancy was looking for a local agency that could provide specialist copywriting and marketing skills to help refine their homepage copy in a way that would allow their target customers to see more clearly how much value Reality HR could add to their business. Our copywriting specialists spent time investigating their target audience’s key characteristics through a mixture of meetings with Reality HR and by studying existing customer research.

Our aim was to figure out the knowledge, understanding, behaviour and actions of their key customers. Armed with this insight, we applied our fresh perspective and external critique to the homepage, finding ways to make the existing concept work harder and smarter through use of coherent, consistent layout, tone, and content.

Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke: half-term family fun email campaign

Competition for half-term holidaymakers is fierce, so The Apollo Hotel in Basingstoke needed an email campaign that was going to attract the attention of potential guests from far and wide. Yes, they had a great offer but who’s email inbox isn’t flooded with ‘best deals’ and warnings of ‘don’t miss out’? For a campaign like this to work, our copywriters had to appeal to an extremely diverse mixture of half-term breakers. No two families are the same, after all!

To make sure the email spoke to the widest possible range of people, we blended eye-catching design and creative copy to showcase an appealing mix of local attractions. There was something to suit everyone – from science geeks to nature lovers, history buffs to culture vultures and adrenaline junkies.

Are you looking for a copywriter in Hampshire to help you define or evolve your company tone of voice? Do you need help re-focusing and reviving your content so that more customers engage with you, and keep coming back?

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