Cornerstone content: the ‘411’ on how to improve your search

Cornerstone blog articles, pillar articles, call them what you will! If they optimise your search ranking, who cares?

As a marketing agency in Basingstoke, we understand better than anybody how much time and effort goes into producing regular blogs or new website pages for your website. Blog posts and landing pages are a fantastic way of presenting new content in a quick, efficient and inexpensive manner. But what good is putting in the time and effort to create one, if no one is going to see it?

The cornerstone content feature available through WordPress, allows businesses like yours to create a single page which is the centre of content surrounding one specific topic and by doing so improve your position on Google.

So, what is cornerstone content?

In short, cornerstone articles are website pages or blog posts that you would like to rank high in the search engines, so that they’re what people see first when they Google you.

There is no ‘right or wrong’ when it comes to creating cornerstone content. If your article covers what the person typing their query into the search bar really needs to know, then you’re heading in the right direction, because your position on Google is influenced by how relevant and useful your blog is to the reader.

How 1-Click Integration can help you

We promise it’s as easy as it sounds!

If you use Yoast SEO, you may notice it asks you to indicate whether your article is a ‘cornerstone’ article. This feature allows you to tell Google which articles are most important to your readers (and therefore most valuable to you) with a click of a button…

The ‘5-step’ guide to using the cornerstone approach

Sometimes changes to SEO can be daunting and trying to stay on top of them can seem almost impossible. That’s why we’ve created a simple’ 5-step guide’ to help your business profit from the ‘cornerstone’ approach.

Step 1: research is key! Once you’ve found your key search terms the rest should fall into place because you’ll know which questions your audience is asking, so it’s just a matter of answering them.

Step 2: Choose a previous post which optimised with a keyword phrase you feel is important or simply…

Step 3: Write your content, rewrite it, perfect it. Remember, make it relevant and use associated key terms throughout.

Step 4: Click the cornerstone link. Simply tell Google that your new cornerstone article is the most important one on your site with a simple click of a button…

Step 5: Track your keywords every month to see how they are performing on Google, making necessary changes when appropriate

So, there we have it! Cornerstone articles, an easy SEO process that will enable you to shine above your competitors on Google.


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This blog was written by Lilly Steel. Lilly has recently left Portsmouth University following her digital marketing studies and has joined the Brevity team as a full-time marketing and office administrator.

Image Source: Yoast