Customers are around all the time – what do your drivers say about your company?

Waiting in rush hour traffic, I was frustrated that drivers weren’t letting me and the other waiting cars merge onto the dual carriageway.

One of the vehicles that that didn’t let us out was a company van, emblazoned with company logos.

It made me think about how important it is to communicate to all staff the importance of marketing communications, be it face to face or hiding within your truck.

The company in question was a local company of a reasonable size. I would presume that due to the nature of their service they have a fleet of vehicles. Interestingly their service would be something that as a marketing company we may be asked to source for our clients. Potentially the rudeness of the driver this morning could mean Brevity would go elsewhere for quotes.

If you’re going to brand your vehicles ensure your drivers understand the rules of the road. Being courteous at all times, making sure the vehicle is clean and tidy.

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