Why are your customers ignoring your marketing campaigns?

Think about how many different communications you received before you even started work this morning…

Maybe you checked your newsfeeds and inbox first thing after your mobile alarm went off, sleepily caught a couple of ads on the TV while you were gobbling granola, sang along to a few annoyingly catchy radio ads while you were stuck in traffic, or clocked those posters that were staring down at you from the bus or train, before you started flipping through page after page of ads in the paper or swiping through various sites on your phone.

For local businesses thinking about how to promote their products and services, it’s really important to remember what it’s like to be a potential customer on the receiving end of so many messages. For marketing agencies in Basingstoke like us, the question of how to reach the target audience via the best channels – at key touchpoints – is at the core of what we do.

There are a few make-or-break factors when it comes to getting your campaigns noticed, recognised and remembered. If you’re worried potential customers are ignoring or forgetting you, here are some key things to consider:

  • Do you have a clear objective? Acquisition, up-sell, retention? Focus on what you want your campaign to achieve and make sure you pick the right range of tools for the job. For example, paid search ads might increase traffic to your site, but you’ll also need relevant, engaging online content to stimulate conversion.
  • Have you defined your audience? Imagine a day in the life of your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes – choose the channels that they are most likely to respond to. Is your customer a busy working mum checking Facebook on the go? Will they actually read a non-personalised piece of direct mail waiting on their doorstep after the school run? Think about the best combination of channels to use and which day and what time they are most likely to be noticed.
  • Who are you? Are you presenting one clear identity to your customer, or confusing them with split-personality creative that looks and sounds different on every channel? Always be recognisable as you. Echo your identity throughout all your communications, offering a tailored brand experience at every consumer touch-point. Think of your company as a person and always share information with your customers in that same, unique voice.
  • What’s the budget? When you’re forecasting creative, production and media costs across multi-channel campaigns, sometimes you might need to be responsive and build-in some fluidity, just in case one channel needs spend transferred from another to improve performance e.g. generating topical content to increase social conversion.
  • What can your results teach you? So, how did you reach that audience? How did you achieve that objective? Track each channel and look out for any patterns in performance, including patterns between channels. Refine your future communications strategy using those insights to enjoy even better results from your next campaign.

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