The departure of the marketing freelancer…

…why marketing companies are still essential to business growth and economic recovery

As confidence in the economy grows, many that were made redundant during the last recession are now returning to paid employment.

According to The Recruitment, permanent vacancies have been on the rise since 2013 and this website also claims that there is an increase in the need for roles within marketing and sales. This could suggest that many marketing freelancers could turn return to permanent employment which proposes there could be a decrease in freelance resource within the marketing outsourcing sector.

So what happens if your marketing freelancer resumes paid employment? While some online blogs deem freelance marketing managers to be lowered cost instead of an established marketing company, they also point out that they may not always be available when needed or may disappear from the market entirely if they choose to take a marketing job.

While these are disadvantages to hiring a freelancer, a marketing agency can provide solid marketing support through an established, experienced team.

As the confidence to hire permanent staff grows, companies should help support their everyday marketing manager by establishing a relationship with a reputable marketing agency to assist their in-house marketing manager. By continually injecting new creativity, a marketing agency can provide the aid to help brainstorm innovative ideas to improve customer engagement and maximise marketing investments.

The communications management site, Ceris Burns International say that an agency can “turn a creative process on its head and inject a new lease of life into a campaign.” They can also offer an alternative prospective to any project and help establish new leads that can increase sales.