What every savvy SME needs to know about live tweeting for events

We all seem to be hard-wired into a perpetual state of commentary these days. Every #jog, #dogwalk and #breakfast is broadcast to friends and family via the omnipresent smartphone. These posts are quite simply becoming the way we communicate with each other. So it makes sense that you might be wondering how social media commentary, such as live tweeting, can be used to communicate with your customers and business contacts, too.

Last week, we took on a five-hour challenge of live tweeting for a client who was a finalist at a prestigious awards ceremony in London. With two giant tweet walls each side of the stage, live tweeting offered a real opportunity for brand exposure. More and more event organisers are tapping into Twitter’s viral powers and displaying tweets on interactive walls.

Here are our top tips for live tweeting at events such as awards ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions:

Before the event:
  • Agree on your live tweeting goals e.g. brand exposure, growing your network
  • Choose a dedicated ‘tweeter’ for the event, preferably someone who is not attending (…remember that awards ceremonies are emotionally – and often alcoholically – charged, and exhibitions and conferences are constantly busy); share WhatsApp, email and telephone contact details
  • Assign a liaison for your offsite tweeter – a reliable point of contact attending the show who can relay information back to them
  • OK with your tweeter what can and can’t be tweeted e.g. photos, comments, innuendos. What’s your message going to be if you win or lose an award? Will you congratulate the winner in your category?
  • Follow all relevant tweeters and identify the main # (hashtag) for the event. Understand who the key players are and how they’re tweeting using this hashtag
  • Ask your tweeter to ‘sketch out’ some tweets and line-up images in advance. These can always be coloured in with more detail as the action happens
  • Set up a private Twitter list (e.g. XYZ Awards) and add the Twitter handles of the speakers, hosts, sponsors and other finalists. This means that you and your tweeter will get an instant feed of everything that’s happening at the event
  • Check if your attendees have quality smartphone cameras, or invite a professional photographer to come and snap some compelling, shareable images
  • Pin a tweet to the top of your profile announcing you are a finalist at the ceremony, or promoting your exhibition stand with an offer
Live tweeting for events:
  • Be consistent. For accuracy and clarity, make sure that tweets are only sent by your offsite tweeter. This can help avoid those regrettable typos and embarrassing predictive text mistakes flashing up on a tweet wall for the whole event to see!
  • Time can run away at events. Ask the onsite live tweeting liaison to set themselves reminders to relay information to the offsite tweeter and make sure they’re contactable for questions
  • Help your offsite tweeter to capture the mood of the event. For example, at the awards show we live tweeted at recently the host, Jonathan Ross, joked that he liked a soggy bottom, so we commented that Mary Berry wouldn’t approve…
  • Update your pinned tweet whenever you have some news you definitely don’t want your followers to miss
  • Don’t over-do it – choose your tweets wisely and voice your unique perspective on the event
  • Twitter is for raising your profile and networking, so leave the sales pitches for later

Carry on tweeting after the event using the event hashtag to share the after party photo albums, analysis or blog posts. You can also use Twitter to reconnect with other delegates and develop new relationships.

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