Voice and Visual search: Get ready for Google Lens

When currently searching for information online, you probably just type or speak what you’re looking for into search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, right? But what if there was a simpler way to search for the information you needed without having to manually browse the web?

Image search offers just that, an easier way to source information and ideas – using photos instead of text.

Marketing integration: Google

With an estimated 1.6 billion monthly visitors, Google accounts for nearly three-quarters of the world’s market share of search, meaning you almost have no choice but to use it for organic and paid searches. And let’s face it, if anyone is going to stay current with technological trends, it’s going to be this global giant.

2016 saw the launch of Googles new venture – Google Assistant; a new talk search feature.  Google Assistant (a variant of Apples ‘Siri’ feature which launched in 2011) allows for Android users to send messages, check appointments and search Google using voice controls. This project, already steering away from text search, has opened a web of possibilities for Google.

In June 2017, Google launched Google Lens which is set to further redefine how we search for information online. Google Lens allows you to simply point, shoot and search an image from your very own smartphone.

Still with me?

Let’s say a restaurant caught your eye in the street, and you wanted to find out more about its opening times and menu. Simply open Google Lens, capture the restaurant, and Google will search all the information it can for you with one simple click.

Google Lens vs. Pinterest Lens

Google aren’t the only company using this technology. Pinterest, who define themselves as ‘a variation of a search engine allowing visitors to search for ideas rather than information’ is already allowing visual search with Pinterest Lens.

The Pinterest Lens app (available for Android and IOS users) gives ‘Pinterest pinners’ the ability to search for anything in the Pinterest database through visual ‘real-time’ searches or from their camera roll. ‘Pinners’ simply take or upload a picture to Pinterest Lens and Pinterest will then send back related ideas which are already stored in the database.


Pinterest co-founder, Evan Sharp firmly believes that more and more search engines and social media platforms are replacing text searches with visual search, and predicts that within 5-10 years, image search will be even bigger than text search ever used to be.

But why stop there?

Voice assistant searches such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana are currently used once a day by 40% of adults and predictions now show that 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.

Advancements in such technologies allows for businesses to take tentative steps into the future. After all, you didn’t really think text search was the height of search existence, did you?

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This blog was written by Lilly Steel. Lilly has recently left Portsmouth University following her digital marketing studies and has joined the Brevity team as a full-time marketing and office administrator.