The frustrations of growing a small business

Growing your small business should be fun and rewarding! But if marketing is not your thing then it can be daunting, stressful and frustrating.

If you’re feeling lost, you might get to the stage where you’ll just ignore the marketing your business needs and tell yourself “Who needs marketing anyway?

Every business needs marketing!

Even though your business is small it still requires marketing activity and this needs to be completed on a regular basis; without marketing it’s unlikely your business will flourish to its full potential – and it could even fail.

The marketing dilemma

Marketing is like going to the gym – dedication, motivation and knowledge are the keys to success, hence why lots of people get a personal trainer when keeping fit to make them work harder, retain momentum and get optimum results. There’s little point getting a membership, yet only going for a half-hearted stint on the running machine once in a while and expecting to see results. If you’re just choosing to avoid marketing because it’s an alien world to you, perhaps what you need for your business is a more experienced buddy to give you a push in the right direction?

Marketing Buddies to the rescue!

Our Marketing Buddies service was the inspiration of Basingstoke’s Chartered Institute of Marketing Fellow Kaia Vincent (FCIM). She saw a need among small business owners for an experienced marketer to guide start-ups, sole traders and micro businesses with their marketing – at an affordable price.

Kaia’s got over twenty years marketing experience waiting for you to tap into, but she remembers how it felt to be a beginner in the complicated world of marketing so she won’t bamboozle you with lots of confusing marketing terms. Instead, she’ll work with you to develop a clear and simple marketing plan and support you as you put it into action.

Setting you a realistic number of tasks to complete each month, you’ll leave your Marketing Buddies sessions raring to go. With renewed clarity and enthusiasm, you’ll be growing your business and reaching your goals in no time.

Sit with Kaia once a month and she’ll demystify marketing at a pace to suit you. Together, you’ll review marketing that you’ve completed and Kaia will provide constructive feedback for improvement that you can take away. You’ll also learn new marketing techniques to propel your marketing to the next level. Kaia won’t  do the marketing for you, but get you on a clear path with lots of direction, training and that fundamental helping hand.

You don’t know until you try. Save £200 this month!

Meet with Kaia for a monthly 121 at her country retreat 2 minutes from Basingstoke. Your first 2-hour Marketing Buddies session is on Kaia – book your free, no obligation session today by emailing or simply completing the form on our Marketing Buddies page with some suggested dates and times.

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