How to find the right images for your website, press articles and social media posts



Choose images that reinforce your brand; images that show originality will project the right response from your customers. Bear in mind that everyone knows a stock image when they see one – so less cheese please!

Starting your search

Did you know that you can’t just download an image from Google and use it?

If you do want to use Google images, then you should always check the usage rights to see if the photo is available for re-use. You may still, however, leave yourself open to copyright issues – so the best option is to go down the paid stock route, take your own or hire a photographer.

Your image options

1) Professional images

Professional images taken specifically for your business are the best. Unlike stock photos, there’s no compromise – original images can help boost your Google rankings too.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with some excellent photographers over the years, including Tim Wallace, who specialises in imagery for the automotive and aviation industries. Take a look at his amazing portfolio here. (

2) Stock images – low end

Here at Brevity Marketing, as well as our own custom images, we use Adobe Stock which does carry a monthly charge.

If you’re on a tight budget, try Canva which also allows you to easily create artwork for social media and blog images without any design skills. Canva has free images as well chargeable ones ($1 each), but you can pay as you go (

3) Stock images – high end

Go all out, by investing in high-end Getty Images. Some amazing images but expect to pay in excess of £300+ for each image (

Some extra image tips

  • When using images on your website, make sure your images are low-resolution, rather than high resolution because if you’re files are too large it will dramatically slow down the loading speed of your website – You don’t want people tuning out because images are taking too long to load.
  • Not a Photoshop pro? Resize your images in common application such as Paint, ensuring they display well on your website and don’t cut off vital elements of the image. Typically, files will need to have a KB at the end rather than MB e.g. 100KB rather than 1MB.

Do you find sourcing or resizing images time confusing or want to develop better looking collateral? Brevity is a marketing and PR company in Basingstoke, Hampshire and we can help your business deliver regular and PR marketing activity. From writing content, managing media relations and social media to updating your website with imagery, content and SEO. We can also help with creative design and photography. Call us on 01256 536000 to discuss how we can help you, or drop us an email