I just can’t get you out of my head: the enduring power of a good jingle

The marketing landscape is forever changing and marketing companies in Basingstoke like ours need to ride in tandem with those developments; constantly evolving along with the methods we use to communicate with our audience.

Digital feels like it’s king these days, what with newer channels such real-time advertising reigning over our every online move. So it’s not surprising that we sometimes forget to get back to the basics and think about how we might resurrect more traditional forms of advertising.

Take the jingle for example. Pretty retro, you might be thinking. But consider this…what are the ad campaigns that really stick in your mind; today and from days gone by?

Maybe this morning, you woke up and had a slice of toast with “oooh, Vitalite” and a pot of yogurt, humming “mmm, Danone”. Perhaps you’re feeling a less than sparkly after a night on the Babycham, although they do say “nothing sparkles like a Babycham”. Yeah right, next time you’ll stick to the R. Whites and be a “secret lemonade drinker”, or keep it to a nice refreshing glass of Um Bongo. “They drink it in the Congo,” apparently. Once your tea break rolls around, you “like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit” so you might snack on a Club, although you are also partial to “p-p-pick up a Penguin” to munch while you take a quick five minutes to “Go compare! Go Compare” on your car insurance renewal.

Later on, your other half will call about dinner and you’ll sing “I feel like Chicken Tonight, Chicken Tonight” and maybe “just one Cornetto” (although you probably shouldn’t after all those Clubs and Penguins). What you really want to sing is “I need a Balti”, but it is your turn to cook. Normally you’d put in a bit more effort and make something from scratch, but you’ll do the hoovering to make up for it, with a nice sprinkle of Shake-n-Vac to “put the freshness back”. Or take home a box of choccies, “all because the lady (or man) loves Milk Tray”.

Chances are, you remember all these products and adverts and so well because of the jingle. In some cases, you may have remembered them (and found yourself spontaneously singing them) decades later, even when you can’t remember much else!

Many jingles, like pop songs, contain ‘earworms’: melodic, easy-to-remember “hooks”. Researchers think that the unforgettable nature of these ear worms could be linked to the model of working memory; the part of the brain that practices and repeats verbal information.

“Here comes the science”

There’s a phonological loop, which is composed of the phonological store (your inner ear, which remembers sounds in chronological order) and the articulatory rehearsal system (your inner voice, which repeats these sounds in order to remember them). The shorter and simpler the melody, the more likely it is to get stuck in your head. This area of the brain is crucial in early childhood for vocabulary development. It’s also how you learn languages as an adult.

A reported 83% of the advertising communication we’re exposed to daily focuses heavily on the sense of sight. But there’s no denying that using sound, such as fantastically catchy jingles, can be incredibly powerful and could just be what gets your products and services noticed – and remembered – for years to come.

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