Marketing: how many times do you have to be ‘touched’?

We’re all busy people. Emails, texts, post, social media – all vying for our attention. But did you know that it actually takes on average seven times of receiving a marketing ‘touch’ from a company before you remember their product or service? So it makes sense to ensure that you’ve put together an integrated campaign that is likely to be remembered.

When it comes to lead generation, it can be a tricky business. Whether you’re targeting new business or keeping in touch with old or current clients, it certainly pays to get clever with your marketing activities. You may already know that it costs a lot more to bring a new client in than it does to keep an old one. After all, if you’ve put the effort into bringing new business in, why would you then waste all that hard work; risking the chance of losing those clients because you haven’t kept them engaged? As a marketing agency in Hampshire, this is something we understand well and constantly strive for.

And not forgetting new clients too, sending out marketing pieces blind to a prospective customer is pretty much a waste of your time and efforts. What’s the point of going through the effort of creating a marketing activity and sending it out without a follow-up of some sort?

There are so many different marketing strategies you can use to retain and attract potential clients. Working through a system of targeted, integrated marketing activities, you can use a series of mix and match ideas to enable your clients to learn about your products and services – and in an engaging way that encourages repeat business. Let’s say for example, you could choose to send out a series of emails, blogs, create a landing page and perhaps some targeted ads on Facebook too. All of these ‘touches’ increase the chances of making your campaign more memorable.

Engaging Emails

These don’t have to be of the ‘War and Peace’ variety, just short and effective emails that are succinct and tell the reader what they need to know. And more importantly, how it can benefit them. You might have heard the saying “sell the sizzle, not the sausage” and that’s what successful email marketing is all about. Whether a series of pieces or a single carefully crafted email about a new offer, product or service, it’s vital that the email gets noticed in your customers’ inbox before they have a chance to hit ‘delete’.

Talking Telemarketing

We’re not talking PPI calls here. With the right approach, telemarketing can be an effective way to reconnect with your clients as well as generate new leads. Calling through your customer base gives you the opportunity to find out more about your clients – what they want and what they need. When you work with Brevity, we take steps to understand your business and we can arrange meetings with clients or just find out what the latest status is. Plus, telemarketing is a good way of ensuring that your database is up to date.

Direct mail

If you’re looking for a stand-out way to get yourself noticed, direct mail quite literally opens the doors to a lot of opportunities. Creating engaging copy with a twist is the key to catching your customer’s eye when your DM campaign drops through their letterbox. Once again, making the message relevant to your clients and their needs is majorly important. Brevity’s team of creative minds is ready to suggest ideas that will bring your product or service to life through DM – with a difference.

Case studies

Here are some of the businesses that we’ve helped to improve lead generation and customer retention with carefully targeted and integrated marketing campaigns.

Ervin Hall

A passionate solicitor delivering down to earth advice to small to medium businesses, Ervin Hall were looking for a lead generation exercise that would engage new clients. Choosing to carry out a planned email campaign that would show how well they understand the challenges faced by small businesses, the emails successfully generated a significant number of new clients.

Inner Range

With a range of specialist and quality security systems, Inner Range were looking for a way to target installers with their ‘Time for a Change’ campaign. Brevity sourced the data and delivered an exciting email and lumpy direct mail campaign that included a promotional clock wouldn’t date quickly. Our tailored approach brought in several meetings with installers and has now been repeated with alternative databases too.

If you’re looking for a marketing agency in Basingstoke that offers integrated marketing activities, why not get in touch with Brevity today by calling 01256 536 000.