J D Weatherspoon says goodbye to social media

Thousands of J D Weatherspoon social media followers heard today that the nationwide pub chain is closing the doors on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Radio 2 commented this morning that the Chief Executive stated the reason behind the move is that “People spend too much time on social media.”  Other sources suggest the move is due to fears of trolling and data misuse.

With CAMRA stating in 2016 that 27 pubs close in the UK each week – J D Weatherspoon’s decision seems somewhat dangerous? Social media seems the deal medium to keep in touch with the pub industry’s demographic.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the pub chain said it did not believe the move would adversely affect the business.

In reality, however,  J D Weatherspoon was obviously not getting enough out of their social media investment.

3 tactics J D Weatherspoon could have taken to better manage their Twitter account @jdwtweet

  1. Linked posts back to specific landing pages on their website – encouraging visitors to sign-up for offers, promotions and newsletters
  2. Chosen a better profile name – many people refer to the chain as Weatherspoon’s
  3. Improved branding – if there is limited correlation between the look and feel of your different marketing mediums, customers won’t recognise you.

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