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We’re looking for marketing and PR people like us, to join our team.

  • Do you love the variety of agency life but seek a gentler work culture?
  • Maybe you’re a talented marketer in the corporate sector but feel creatively stifled by big brand bureaucracy?
  • Are you currently a one-person marketing/PR department for an SME who relishes the idea of having more diverse projects and supportive peers to work alongside?

Brevity is a team of marketing and PR women who have been where you are.  We’ve found Brevity and it fits our lifestyle needs as well as our career aspirations.


Our diverse talents and rich collective experience make companies thrive.


We blend innovation with tried and tested methods.


Approachable and genuine, we get straight to the point.

Benefits of working at Brevity

Why I choose to work at Brevity

“Brevity’s attitude to flexible working is refreshingly holistic and shows how invested the company is in us as people, not just as employees. Flexible working allows me to do poetry courses and work on my own writing projects. The space to do this is vital to my development as a wordsmith and as a person, allowing me to add value to Brevity because I am a more agile writer, happier and more fulfilled.”

Kelly Cummings, Copywriter, Brevity Marketing

“The logistics of how, when and where I work don’t really matter so long as clients get the outcomes they want. It’s a much more agile approach to working and allows me the balance I need between work and home life.”

Jenny Legg, PR Manager, Brevity Marketing

“It’s refreshing to be working for a company that is very forward thinking in offering flexible working. It really shows that you look after your employees and want the best for them in a personal sense as well as professional.”

Samantha Alderman, Account and Client Services Manager, Brevity Marketing

Current Vacancies

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We are always keen to hear from kindred spirits who might be a good fit for our established marketing and PR agency as it continues to grow.