How to look good in professional business photos

Featuring photos of you and your team on your ‘about us’ page gives customers a flavour of your personality; communicating in a different way than any words can. Whether you’re a cool and sophisticated technology manufacturer, zen masters of your own yoga studio, or a vibrant transportation team – your photos show off your company’s personality.

But a bad photo can shout even louder and professional photoshoots cost money. So how do you make sure that you get a great range of photos that you’re truly happy to use on your website site and other marketing collateral?

As a Hampshire marketing company who recently invested in a team photoshoot, we’d like to say we’ve learnt a few tips for avoiding these common photo ‘don’ts’:

  • Avoid looking sleepy by closing your eyes before the picture is taken, opening them slowly before the camera clicks
  • Reduce red eyes by looking towards (but never directly at) a light before the camera shutter closes
  • Try this trick to avoid multiple chins: tip your chin down, imagine sticking out your forehead, and elongate your neck
  • Turn head to a three-quarter position will deepen your features and create a more flattering effect
  • For a slimmer full body shot , put your hand on your hip, angle your body to the side and turn your head towards the camera
  • Keep in mind that a photo taken from just above you will be more complimentary than one taken from below
  • For a natural smile think of the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you or say “money”
  • Tuck your tongue up behind your teeth before you crack that smile. It will make your grin look less wide
  • Stand in front of a white background helps most camera settings find the right color balance for your skin tone
  • Prevent odd shadows on your face by facing a window or standing sideways-on to a soft lamp
  • Holding a relevant or creative prop adds interesting context to photos and can make you look less awkward

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