Announcing Marketing Buddies – a new service from your friendly Hampshire marketing agency

Affordable marketing for sole traders, indies, micros, small charities and start-ups

Do you understand the value of marketing but lack the knowledge or budget? Marketing Buddies provides an affordable solution to your marketing dilemma. Founded by Kaia Vincent FCIM, Marketing Fellow (CIM) and Director of Hampshire marketing agency, Brevity Marketing, Marketing Buddies is a programme that works is like having your own marketing tutor, coach or cheerleader.

It will leave you feeling motivated, inspired and ready to grow your company with intelligent and insightful marketing.

4 in 10 businesses fail within the first five years; one of the key reasons is lack of marketing

There’s no need to muddle through by yourself and squeeze half-baked marketing ideas around the edges of your other responsibilities. When you don’t have much time, you want to know that whatever time, money and energy you do put into your marketing is well-informed, integrated, multi-purpose and – above all – effective.

Helping you reach your potential

Marketing Buddies will give you the tools to achieve this with up to date marketing knowledge and inspired ideas. Discover how effective strategy, branding, copywriting, Google rankings (SEO), website design, lead generation, CRM, social media, PR, email marketing, blogging, and exhibitions can empower you to take your business somewhere new.

Don’t go it alone because two heads are better than one – and, besides, sometimes it’s just reassuring to have a real-life friendly face in front of you (instead of yet another YouTube tutorial that’s not really tailored to the unique needs of your business…).

So, how does Marketing Buddies work?

With Brevity’s expert help, you’ll:

  • map out an easy-to-follow marketing plan and set clear goals for the year ahead to give you direction
  • discover practical tools and spark creative ideas to help take your business forward
  • review your work and share successes and challenges with Kaia at monthly meetings in order to learn, improve and progress
  • get advice about how to identify and bridge gaps in your marketing activity to stay ahead of the competition.
  • track your longer-term progress at quarterly reviews so that you can plan strategically for the years ahead
  • create more leads, acquire and retain happy customers, improve your branding and motivate any staff you may have

Let’s buddy up

So many clients tell us they wish they’d enlisted marketing support earlier. They say if only could get the time back that they wasted going around in metaphorical marketing circles – getting stuck, getting stressed and not getting where they want to be.

That’s why we set up Marketing Buddies, to help you face your business goals for 2019 (and beyond) with confidence, optimism, knowledge – and the friendly support you need.

To find out more about Marketing Buddies contact Kaia from Hampshire marketing agency Brevity by phone 01256 536056, or email