Marketing campaigns designed to make you sleep?

Eve, the bedding brand famous for its ultra-comfy pillows and mattresses, changed its advertising strategy in July with the launch of the ‘eve.rise.shine’  campaign, featuring a sloth character.

According to Marketing Week Eve’s recently appointed CMO, Cheryl Calverley, worked with multiple agencies on an adhoc basis to develop the concept. But has it achieved the planned effect?

Cheryl Calverley was formerly marketing director at the AA. She joined the AA as head of marketing in 2015 and was promoted to marketing director at the end of 2017. Before that, she worked at Birds Eye Iglo and Unilever.

Eve has certainly done their market research and tapped into customers’ needs for a mattress that’s not only well-priced but also extremely comfortable. Unfortunately for Eve, their highly desirable products have often been copied by competitors – so they needed a way to stand out.  Hence the intro of Calverley.

51% of mattress sales in the UK are now made online and the most important factor when choosing a mattress is price (58%) closely followed by comfort (56%) – making Eve a highly desirable product for the UK mattress market

Not so “simples”…

Developing a persona character has been successful for many a brand, but the question is, has Eve executed it to its full potential?

Compare the Market have had continued success with Serge and Co. Over many years., When the cuddly team reached maturity stage, the company cleverly teamed up with one of the nation’s favourite TV sitcoms, Coronation Street, to ensure their continued presence on TV.

(Image sourced from Compare The Market)

The original success of the Meerkat campaign was that you got a free toy meerkat with every purchase of insurance from Compare the Market.  With a collection of characters to collect, it kept customers (who bought into the cuddly marketing ploy) loyal.  The meerkats became synonymous with the brand because of their memorable personalities.

The character Eve have developed is a sloth although it really made us smile…he/she seems to be nameless. And is it obvious that the character is in fact a sloth? –A sloth character that is wide awake and dancing around after a good night’s sleep on an eve mattress and pillow is a fantastic concept – but could it be more obvious?

(Image sourced from Eve Sleep)

How Brevity would make the Eve campaign even better:

  • Name the character e.g. ‘Stetson the Sloth’
  • Create brand loyalty with a cuddly sloth giveaway when customers purchase multiple products (over £500)
  • Have plan to develop additional characters in the sloth family or associated giveaways (e.g. set of pyjamas or a storybook) to increase loyalty over time
  • Extend the campaign over social media (which is limited at present) – especially Instagram. More dynamic social media including animated gifs or shorter clips of the sloth doing different dance moves would engage audience.  There could even be a competition to encourage families to take photos of their sloth at home or on holiday e.g. at the top of the Eiffel Tower, Empire State building or Grand Canyon

Wake up to what’s just around the corner from you! There’s just as much creativity flourishing in small marketing agencies in Hampshire as you’ll find in larger creative agencies in London. –Whether you’re a big brand or a smaller independent, let Brevity come up with the ideas you need to launch a new brand or breath life into existing products or services. Just give us a call!