What kind of marketing is right for your business?

You’re at that stage in your business journey where you’ve decided that you need to invest in some marketing. Or maybe you are aware that this is the next crucial step but are unsure of your options. Do not fear, as Brevity are here to talk you through some marketing choices, help you bite the bullet and gain the courage to crack on.


Your first option is of course… to do nothing. Let’s keep this one short and simple. Deciding that your business is in need of marketing yet deciding that you’re going to do nothing is a bad idea. We strongly recommend exploring other marketing options.

Do it yourself

As tempting as it may be to ‘just do it yourself’, there are a few things you need to consider before determining whether or not this is a viable option. Ask yourself questions such as, “Do I or anyone else on my team have experience with marketing?”, “What does our marketing plan currently look like?”, “What are our marketing goals and tactics?”, “What channels are we using to connect with current and potential customers?”. If you find yourself stuck with an answer for any of these questions then you would definitely benefit from outsourcing a marketing expert.

However, if you have the time, knowledge and experience to successfully carry out your own marketing then there seems little point in sourcing your marketing elsewhere. There are other avenues you can explore such as our Marketing Buddies service in which Brevity Director, Kaia Vincent, spends 2 hours a month with you setting goals for your business. Within your sessions you will gain valuable marketing insight to carry it out yourself and generate the results you desire.

Hire a freelance

Dependent on the amount of work and how regularly it needs doing, your third option is to hire a freelancer. Freelancers can either work from home (or anywhere) or may work at your office. Hiring a freelance can be seen as a cost efficient solution as you only pay for the work that is done. Another benefit is how flexible freelancers are – day or night they will still get the job done.

Freelancers usually specialise in just one element of marketing whether it be PR, copywriting, design etc. This means if your marketing workload is high (not just a one off job such as the design of a brochure) and inclusive of all these things, then your best option is to work with a marketing team of multiple members and skills.

The full works – a marketing team

The main benefit of working with an external marketing team is you get the ‘full toolbox’. When working with an agency you will have access to an entire marketing team experienced in all aspects such as SEO, social media, design, copywriting, content creation – the whole works. With an entire team working with you, this also allows you to focus on other parts of your business.

Do you like to be the captain of your own ship? We understand that working with a new team may be difficult to adjust to but trust us when we say multiple pairs of fresh eyes will benefit you as a business. Sometimes working within a company can limit your perspective whereas a outside marketing team can view the company with a critical eye and see prospects and opportunities that you may have missed. The best ideas usually come out of a team brainstorming session with multiple people to bounce ideas off.

Brevity’s marketing team consists of 6 members – each specialised in their own field, with different backgrounds. Our qualified and experienced marketing and PR team will support you with all aspects of marketing – for about the same cost as a single part-time marketing person and with far more depth and breadth of expertise. Learn more here about the benefits of outsourcing and engaging Brevity as your marketing team.

Want to experience the benefits of a whole marketing team? Call us on 01256 536 000 or email to arrange a chat about how we can help you grow your business with a blend of new, tried and tested marketing techniques.