Shakespeare exhumed and the Pope kidnapped by a giant squid (…or something): marketing predictions for 2017…

An ancient giant squid found is frozen in ice. Shakespeare’s bones are exhumed to show that he was poisoned and there are clues to a new play found in his grave. The Pope narrowly escapes kidnap. There is a large fire in the UK Houses of Parliament, started by aliens…

These are just some of the psychic predictions for the year 2017 that you might encounter, if you dare to look up such things on the internet.

Here at Brevity, we’re too busy planning our client’s marketing strategies to foretell world events on the side, but we have been taking the odd glance into our crystal ball when it comes to marketing predictions for 2017. So far, this is what it’s told us…

Direct Mail: the return

Think direct mail (DM) is dead? Think again. With the likes of smart phones and the internet allowing for information to be communicated to customers in real-time, you could be forgiven for thinking DM is an old relic, consigned to the past. The truth is, we receive so much communication via our mobile device or laptop these days, that we sometimes ignore it. Whereas it’s rather nice to get something through the letterbox, isn’t it?

When you need targeted marketing, direct mail has become a more personal way of reaching prospects. Think of it like walking into a quiet room and telling a specific person something they want to know, versus screaming endlessly in a large, noisy crowd, to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Do you hear what I hear?

On the topic of being heard, back in May, Google announced that 20% of mobile search queries were initiated by voice; and it is predicted that this will rise – across all platforms – to 50% by the end of the decade. Sales of ambient devices such as the Amazon Echo, Dot and Tap are also on the increase. It’s only a matter of time before digital assistants such as ‘Alexa’ are closer by our side, shopping for sofas, browsing holiday destinations, or whatever else we ask them to do. Because we don’t speak like we type, this could change the SEO landscape dramatically and marketing will need to evolve with it.

That’s unreal!

Well, 2016 has certainly felt like an alternative reality at times. Back in September, we blogged about the rise of virtual reality – or ‘VR’ – and its increasing use as a marketing tool. It’s no longer to confined to the realm of movie geeks and gaming fiends, you know. Big brands like Samsung and Ikea use virtual reality to demo product features and functionality to their customers and add another dimension to traditional print and video marketing campaigns. We don’t really need Mystic Meg to know that where the big brands lead, the rest of us follow. How could your business use virtual reality to show customers how your products and services fit into their lifestyle?

Breaking news: mobile still rules

New gadgets may be popping up like Pokémon Go, but 2017 will still be the year of the mobile device. Like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Approximately 60% of all Google searches now come from mobile devices. There’s no easy way to break it to you – if your website content still isn’t easily digested on a mobile device, your marketing may as well be frozen in the ice with that ancient squid. The impact of wearable technology such as smart watches is also opening a world of new requirements for website responsiveness.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. If 2016 has showed us anything, it’s that you can never really tell what the future holds. But when it comes to thinking about marketing activity in 2017, these marketing ‘predictions’ may well be worth remembering.

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