Celebrating our love of words on National Poetry Day 2016

Today is National Poetry Day, so what better moment to share a poem by Brevity wordsmith and Hampshire copywriter, Kelly Cummins.

Kelly studied poetry as part of her BA Honours degree in English Literature and has since taken various poetry and creative writing courses.

Souvenir is inspired by Kelly’s Finnish heritage and the harbourside market stalls of Helsinki.


Greasy beaks bite at salt
as fat spits
under a wing of tarpaulin.

Round cheeks,
red over hotplates,
laugh and ladle out
the simple comfort of soup.

A fisherman’s long winter spell
turns to gold through the wood smoke
as voices bargain over
horn, hide and bread.

I buy a pair of socks from an old lady.
Needles set down,
her pale eyes crinkle at the
smooth note in her rough palm.

Inside each purl of their waxy itch
I imagine a wise folk tale is spun;
midnight sun swallowed by wolves,
forest spirit, perseverance.

The soft artefact of a hard place.

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