How often should you post to social media?

It’s undoubtedly the right thing for almost any business to be active on social media on a regular basis. If social media is not in your marketing strategy already then you’re probably missing out on a large chunk of potential customers and followers.  So first thing’s first create yourself some social media accounts that work well for your brand (we can help with this).

If you’re already using social media to talk to your audience, great news. But some companies ask us how often they should post to social media. How much is too much? What is not enough?

Think about your content

Realise that not every post has to turn in to a sale or a lead, it’s more about communicating with your target customers. You want people to be reminded of your brand, but you don’t want to post so much that you annoy your followers.

The thing to remember here is that the frequency of posting is not the most important thing – it’s the quality of post and how it keeps your customer engaged. It might be that your audience remembers one high-quality post every couple of days, and forget every single one of 10 non-engaging updates posted over 2 days.

How often should you post to social media – the research

As a starting point, check to see how often other similar brands are posting to the social media sites you are using and how effective those posts are.

For Twitter and Facebook posting frequency, a study done by Socialbakers (a social media analytics contributor) showed the following:

Facebook – to keep their audiences engaged without being irritating, popular brands only post around once a day.

Twitter – after studying 11,000 tweets from top brands, Socialbakers recommend three tweets a day is an ideal amount of tweeting to engage with your customers.

Conversations and interaction

Don’t forget that having conversations with your audience is also key. Strike up conversations within your industry and with your target customers. Reply to tweets, retweet interesting content and comment on Facebook posts where you have something to say. Respond to questions quickly don’t forget to check direct messages sent to your brand.

Also think about when your ideal audience will be online so you can interact with them.  Is it first thing in the morning before they start work, or on evenings and weekends?

Try and monitor how powerful your social media updates are so that your time on social media is being used effectively and that you’re meeting the needs of your audience in the right way.

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