Project Description

Website Project

Wote Street People is an established Hampshire recruitment agency with over 70 years’ experience between them. They wanted an original ‘Meet the Team’ page to differentiate them from other businesses in this competitive sector; showcasing their diverse backgrounds and exuberant personalities in a way that would attract candidates and clients from all walks of life because of their relatability, approachability and great sense of humour.


As well as being highly knowledgeable about the job market, the team at Wote Street are excellent listeners and keen problem solvers who keep their eyes firmly on the horizon when it comes to placing their clients in the best possible roles. They’ve not only honed these skills through their many years as recruitment consultants – their previous jobs and outside interests have played an important part, too.

Here’s how we drew on this to create a new ‘Meet the Team page that would give visitors absolute confidence in Wote Street People’s professionalism whilst still allowing their personalities to shine through. We:

  • reviewed personality profiles and conducted informal interviews to gather fresh, alternative facts about each team member e.g. What did you want to be when you grew up? What would your superpower be? What’s your morning theme song?
  • used this information to write their stories, bypassing ‘same old’ corporate speak to reveal the human side to recruiters that all job hunters are searching for
  • set up and managed a photoshoot to depict each member of the team in a quirky way, based on their background e.g. Yachtmaster, wannabe mad scientist, former chef
  • edited images post-shoot, using Photoshop
  • created and published web pages featuring the new images and copy
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This project drew on Brevity’s skills in research, copywriting, photography and Photoshop, and website management.

  • Visits to the Wote Street People ‘Meet the Team’ page increased by X%
  • New content and an improved user experience on the website attracted more business
  • The page created a talking point and an opportunity to connect with new, existing & past candidates and clients e.g. at registration, via social media, over email
  • Interviews, profiles and photoshoot were opportunities for personal reflection and development, as well as teambuilding

“None of us expects to be turning up for a day at work wearing garb like science goggles, lab coats and sailor’s hats – which is precisely why we’ve enjoyed working with Brevity for all these years; they never go with what’s obvious or predictable. That’s not how you’re going to get noticed or remembered.

“Job hunting can be hard enough without having to deal with job sites and robots, so our brief was for a ‘Meet the Team’ page that would be a window into our warmth as real people as well as our services. Through a lively concept, expertly executed – Brevity have once again led us somewhere new, giving us a refreshing presence in the recruitment sector – one that’s unique to us.”

Maxine Hart, Operations Director, Wote Street People