Project Description

The Pink Place – Brevity’s charity work

The Pink Place is a registered charity that provides free well-being services and support to adults affected by cancer. It is based in Basingstoke Town Centre and has the support of the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Through Marketing Buddies service, they wanted to:

  • create a strong brand, recognisable within the local area
  • re-evaluate, plan, structure and align their marketing strategy for the future
  • improve their understanding of marketing through expert training

Here’s what we did

Via our Marketing Buddies Programme, Kaia meets with The Pink Place for 2 hours each month, delivering strategic and tactical marketing advise as required. In addition, The Pink Place also gains access to Brevity’s marketing team who deliver specialist training in areas such as social media, copywriting and PR.

Brevity recommended, implemented & trained The Pink Place, enabling them to produce professionally designed advertising posters and brochures, social media campaigns and case studies- ensuring brand continuity across all platforms. Additionally as a small charity and with limited staff resources, Brevity worked with The Pink Place to evaluate the different fundraising revenue streams, allowing them to understand where best to plough their resources to ensure the best financial return before committing to organising the event.

Marketing advice delivered in the following areas:



Digital Print

Social Media

Campaign Work

Marketing and Fundraising Strategy

Amazing results

  • Social media noticeably increased the number of attendees for events and has also promoted more awareness of the charity through a multiple of different channels
  • Development of a 5 point marketing plan to attract new volunteers and to retain current volunteers
  • Case studies, testimonials and digital handouts have been added to the website – this has been extremely well received and has given kudos to the services and support that are offered by the charity
  • Fundraising revenue streams were identified and a P&L has been put in place to ensure that the decision to go ahead has been properly evaluated
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 “Kaia and the Brevity Team offered us their professional expertise and support via their inspirational Marketing Buddies programme. By firstly steering us ‘Back to Basics’, it allowed us the opportunity to question, reflect and evaluate our short and long term goals for the charity. A plan was encouraged, developed and implemented. With their ongoing mentoring support, we now feel confident in our ability to make strong, measured and instrumental decisions for the future benefit and ultimate success of The Pink Place. Our journey with Brevity Marketing has been a real ‘switching on the light bulb’ experience and we are truly grateful for the invaluable help and support that they have extended to us.”
Christine Griffiths - Fundraising and Events Manager , The Pink Place