Project Description

A new ‘Meet the Team’ page

Wote Street People is an established Hampshire recruitment agency with over 70 years’ experience between them. They wanted an original ‘Meet the Team’ page to:

  • attract & retain more web traffic from candidates and clients
  • express their relatability, approachability, and exuberant personalities
  • differentiate them from other recruitment agencies in this competitive sector

Here’s what we did

As well as being highly knowledgeable about the job market, Wote Street People are excellent listeners and keen problem solvers. They’ve honed these skills through previous jobs and outside interests as well during their careers as recruitment consultants. We drew on their individual stories and used interviews, DISC profiling, photography, Photoshop and copywriting to produce a ‘Meet the Team page that’s held client and candidate attention spans for more then twice the average time. Activities included:





Website management

Amazing results

  • Time spent on Wote Street People ‘Meet the Team’ page exceeded double the industry average
  • New content and an improved user experience on the website attracted more business
  • The page created a talking point and an opportunity to connect with new, existing & past candidates and clients e.g. at registration, via social media, over email
Visit our client’s website

 “Job hunting can be hard enough without having to deal with job sites and robots, so our brief was for a ‘Meet the Team’ page that would be a window into our warmth as real people as well as our services. Through a lively concept, expertly executed – Brevity have once again led us somewhere new, giving us a refreshing presence in the recruitment sector – one that’s unique to us.”

Maxine Hart, Operations Director, Wote Street People