PR support and media relations

PR, or public relations, can mean many different things. At Brevity, we specialise in finding interesting, newsworthy elements of your business and persuading journalists to write about them.

This is sometimes known as media relations. Whatever it’s called, securing positive media coverage can be great for raising awareness of your organisation.

PR is relatively low cost because the space where your story appears – in newspapers, magazines, online or even TV and radio – isn’t charged for like adverts and advertorials. You only pay for our time to create your story and convince reporters to cover it.

The PR process

Our PR activity generates brilliant content that can be quickly re-purposed as blogs, case studies and other digital content and then promoted via your social media channels. If you are already blogging and posting on social media, adding PR to the mix can boost these activities too.

And finally, it’s not ‘just’ about getting you good coverage. Our PR activity is strategic. We work with you to understand your business objectives as well as who you want to reach and what you want them to know. Then we underpin all PR stories with these key messages and approach the right kind of outlets for the audiences you want to speak with.

How we work – our 5-step process

For new clients we have an initial meeting to discuss your business aims and objectives as well as what sort of people or organisations you want to talk to and what you want them to know, or do, as a result.

We ask about activities, events and work projects you have on now and in the near future. We delve deeper into your opinions on key industry topics too.

We produce a brief PR plan summarising your aims and where PR activity can help you. It’s not always the best route and we’ll be honest about that. We start to map out potential monthly or quarterly activity.

After the initial set-up, we check in regularly to update you on our activity and let you know what we’ll need from you in terms of information and/or assets, such as images.

Monthly coverage usually requires two days’ activity to research a possible story and collate the information needed, draft the content, sign it off and agree any extra assets such as images, ‘sell-in’ to journalists and monitor for coverage afterwards.

Brevity’s PR team

Jenny Legg
Jenny LeggPR Manager
Jenny has been in media for more than 15 years, first as a journalist in local and national papers including the Times Educational Supplement, Daily Mirror and Mail Online before moving into PR and media relations.
Ruth Lumley
Ruth Lumley PR Manager
Ruth has been a journalist for 18 years and worked on weekly and regional daily papers before moving to The Press Association. Her work has appeared in The Independent, The Guardian, The Sun, The Mirror, the Metro, Red Bull and Sky.

Brevity’s PR clients

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