Receptionist with attitude: Are they losing you customers?

It’s an oversight of many companies that call handling is not considered as part of the marketing function.

For many prospects, it is the first introduction to your business and if the call is badly handled by your telephone operator it could be the last – and you won’t even know about it!

Have you got a process or guidelines to ensure your receptionist gets it right?

When making some calls this month it reminded me how poor some call handling is – even larger corporate companies don’t always marry up their culture with their call-handling.

Operator treating every call as though it’s a sales call – a defensive tone does not send the right signals to potential prospects or existing customers
Receptionists speaking in squeaky voices you can hardly hear – I want to hear confidence and clarity
Having the phone put down without a courteous goodbye – no excuses for bad manners
There are ways and means of handling every call in a friendly, polite and upbeat manner.

At the same time, I have had some great conversations meaning companies can get it.

So how do you see if your calls measure up?

Why not get some close friends or family to make some calls to your office – and of course get them to record the conversation and see if your team are projecting your company in the right light.

Getting your call-handling correct is a really inexpensive way of marketing your business – see if a change wins you more customers.