Why data wins the argument when it comes to SEO and your Google rankings


“In SEO, everyone has their opinions, but what I love about SEO is that at the end of the day, data wins the argument; either it worked, or it didn’t.” – Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream

SEO guru, Larry Kim, speaks sense; the proof is in the pudding when it comes to your SEO and rankings.

Writing this blog was sparked by a recent call we received from a local business owner using a digital marketing agency to manage their SEO.  They were paying a retainer of a few hundred pounds per month – but they had no idea what this was achieving for their business.

Top four things you should expect from your SEO investment:
  • More website leads – If you don’t already track your new business enquiries, start doing so at least a couple of weeks prior to engaging an SEO or marketing company. Then, once they’re on board, continue to measure your leads each month to see if the number improves.  Also remember to ask where your customers were when they heard about you to see if they visited your website.
  • A monthly SEO report –  Your agency should provide a report showing which keywords are being tracked and their changing positions for the month. Over time, your keywords should move up the rankings (if your SEO company are managing them effectively).  If your budget is small and you have a low number of website pages, it will be difficult to manage more than 10 keywords at a time. It’s better to do 10 the right way, rather than spread your budget too thinly.
  • Page one rankings within 12 weeks – It’s a myth that it takes six months to get onto the first page of Google – concentrating on fewer keywords will mean that your agency can write quality targeted content and use other tactical SEO activity to boost your priority keywords.  It’s fair to say, however, that in some industries it’s more complex to get a page one ranking – your agency will need to do some extra work to identify longer phrases that could also get you good results and they should also advise if there will be obstacles.
  • Regular well-written, original content appearing each month on your website – Expertly crafted, regular content is essential for both engagement and SEO purposes.  For most, blogs are the fastest way to improve Google ranking, but they can have a shorter shelf-life. Landing pages take a little longer to get mature but have greater longevity.

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