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Achieve page one rankings and stay there: your guide to SEO outsourcing in Hampshire (search engine optimisation)

Attracting new customers means that you need to be in the right place, at the right time.

Find us someone you know who doesn’t use the internet to discover products and services they need, both at work and at play. It’s simply how we live now, isn’t it.

And because today’s tablet and smartphone technology makes it so easy to search on-the-go, chances are that somebody looking for “marketing companies in Basingstoke” is doing it whilst passing time on the daily commute, queuing for their morning latte, or whilst the spag bol is bubbling in the kitchen in the evening.

So, more often than not, the right place is Google and the right time is 24/7.

Google’s the be-all and end-all, then?

If you dream of a more successful business, you need to ensure your company is where your customers are – and that’s online. Staying on the first page of Google for your priority keywords is crucial. That said, you’ve got to have balance. A well-rounded marketing strategy will combine a mixture of online AND offline tactics.  Take our free SEO audit.

Our work as a marketing agency in Basingstoke teaches us valuable lessons everyday about the added impact that connected, integrated campaigns bring. That’s why we try to re-purpose content we’ve used online for other marketing campaigns, such as direct mail. You see, it all fits together to form a story in the minds and memories or your target customer base.

The trick is to use this careful blend of marketing activity to encourage recognition of your brand – but you might also like to think of it like recycling for marketing!

S(E)O little time…

Ok, so you probably understand that SEO (search engine optimisation) is not just about flooding every web page with keyword phrases that reflect the nature of your business. But what else do you know about SEO? And how complicated can it be anyway?

We know that some SEO companies in Hampshire and beyond like to make you think that you need to be an algorithm genius, but in fact, it’s really just a marketing technique that need to be applied in a consistent way.

Where most companies fail is that they just don’t have the time to come up with an engaging, creative – and above all steady – calendar of content, or they’re not skilled copywriters. People need to want to read the content, too!

Rosanna explains…

Brevity’s resident SEO guru Rosanna is here to give you a 101 on some SEO basics:

  • Identify your priority keywords through competitor and other online analysis
  • Set up a low-cost SEO tracker, enabling you to measure every month how your website is performing for your priority keywords (as well keeping track of the other movers and shakers in your industry)
  • Establish a strategy to ensure you increase and/or maintain your online search rankings. Usually, that means a few one-off activities, followed by adding regular and relevant content to your website

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – what do they actually want to read about? What will they share with their colleagues and friends? That shareability is crucial. Google just loves well written optimised blogging articles and sharing via social media platforms can boost your Google rankings too.

Smoke and mirrors?

Some people have certainly described SEO as a black art. There are a multitude of so-called SEO ‘experts’ that purely focus on the SEO element of your website. Yet, for optimum success, you need to look at the bigger picture…

Brevity is not an SEO company, we’re a team of qualified marketers and copywriters who use our professional skills to develop your Google rankings in comprehensive way that’s integrated with the whole marketing mix. Your customers are not robots, after all. So, we think wider than just SEO algorithms.

That doesn’t mean we shy away from the numbers! The proof is in the pudding, as they say, Receiving a monthly SEO report from the Brevity team, you gain full visibility of how your keywords are improving. And don’t forget, you can always go online and check out your rankings – so there’s no hiding the fact as to whether our marketing tactics are working or NOT.

We’ve been able to help many of our customers to achieve page one rankings. Just take a look…

Case Studies 2017
Wote Street People (

Our client, Wote Street People is a prime example of a company, working in a competitive industry, that was struggling with their online presence. Following the implementation of a WordPress website, we worked with them to improve their rankings. Understanding their key priority keyword phrases e.g. Recruitment agencies Basingstoke and utilising a combination of SEO tactics such as the optimisation of regular blogging articles to help improve rankings. Today, Wote Street People enjoy a number one ranking for their leading keyword phrase and we continue to work with them to maintain position as well as working on other keyword phrases to achieve the similar results.

My ID Card (

Following the launch of a new PASS proof of age card, Basingstoke based Custom Card turned to Brevity Marketing to help them design a website for their ID card, targeting 18+ consumer market. With a new domain name ( the website address did not benefit from any history that could aid its Google ranking and with two leading and well know competitors, achieving page one rankings was going to be difficult.

As the company saw online sales as their key revenue stream, it was imperative My ID Card has a page on positioning for keywords such as “ID Card” and “Proof of age card” “Pass Card”

Allocating three days to SEO activity per month, we monitor keywords to understand which ones need work. To support optimisation, we prepare at least two blogging articles about various different subjects and then post these on the My ID Card website. Articles are then shared via social media platforms, sometimes also combining with the use of Facebook paid ads, that are relatively cheap and can ensure articles are read by a wider audience.

Launching the website in August 2017, the website achieve page one rankings for all of the keywords within a three month period, and every short and long tail keyword phrases has enjoyed a maintained Google page one ranking

CTS Logistics (

A successful global logistics company, specialising in the movement of dangerous, delicate and difficult goods, the company historically did not enjoy online visibility. The website was  static and with no dedicated marketing personnel, content was not regularly updated.

Following keyword research and analysis, the website content was optimised and additional landing pages added to allow for a wide range of long tail keywords to be targeted.

Each month, at least two optimised blogging articles were written and added to the website, also promoted via social media (this activity is ongoing each month).

Quickly, the company saw their visibility on Google and other search engines improve.  Adopting an ongoing SEO strategy means they now see the internet as a vital source of new business leads.

Is your company struggling to improve and/or maintain page one Google rankings?

Hampshire based Brevity can offer a proven and effective SEO service from three days per month. This investment will allow potential new customers to find your business online and call you. Our proven success stories for our clients and our own business means that we will be able to achieve positive results for your business.

Looking for an SEO company in Hampshire? Talk to us about using Brevity to manage your SEO strategy. We’re a full service marketing agency in Basingstoke with the proven skills and marketing credentials to get your business shining bright on the superhighway.  Call us on 01256 536 000.

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