SEO strategy gone Social

One billion websites, that’s a lot of noise! It puts into perspective how critical it is to have a solid SEO strategy in place to ensure your company stands out in such a crowded marketplace.

SEO strategy has matured in recent years. Steered by Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms, many SEO companies and web developers were forced to change the way they increase or maintain rankings for websites. Content became King, rather than dodgy backlink strategies.

Taking your SEO, Social

Today, business owners and marketers must adopt social as a marketing tactic for SEO strategy. Adding new content to your website (e.g. blogging) and sharing content via social media could see your site being seen as a hub of good content, making page indexing faster.

We’ve already had success using this strategy. One of our clients, Wote Street People who has increased blogging and social media sharing are now enjoying improved Google rankings, and the phone is ringing with new customers – finding them via Google searches.

Three ways to take your SEO Social:
  1. Create compelling blog content for your company website. Develop content that will be both interesting to readers (not sales orientated) and meaningful from an SEO perspective (think about keywords that your customers would use to find your products and services)
  2. Create a new blog article at least once a week, more if you can
  3. Share your regular content across social media platforms such as Twitter, encouraging retweets and shares. Sharing your blogs via social media, increases viewing opportunities and the probability of people sharing your articles.

Remember: It’s a fact that too many people try to sell directly using Twitter or Facebook. Your social media strategy should never be – Oh hi, thanks for following us, do you want to buy a …? Be subtle; develop strategies (private Twitter lists are great for segmenting your followers) that will nurture your followers into leads, into customers

If your business wishes to improve SEO, then social needs to be added as a marketing tactic to your SEO strategy. If you need help writing weekly blogs and delivering and managing a social media nurturing strategy…talk to Brevity. We’re a marketing agency in Basingstoke helping local business with SEO and all things marketing. Let us carve your SEO strategy.