Telemarketing in Basingstoke – Keeping it Positive

Telemarketing is all about building relationships and turning that cold call into a warm call!  Converting prospects to customers!  Online marketing and emails do their job but nothing beats the sound of a happy voice.  Interaction and conversation are an important part of the sales/marketing process and telemarketing is a critical element in B2B selling.

Lead generation, appointment setting and even event registrations are all tasks that can be accomplished via a well planned and executed telemarketing campaign.

Initially, you need to make sure you have a contact name.  I research on the company’s website, these often have a “meet the team” page.  If that doesn’t work I use LinkedIn – this is great for finding the right person just by searching the company name and the department you need, ie marketing.  This will help you get past the “gatekeeper” or “receptionist”.  The more confident you are, the more prepared you are.  It’s important to think positive about your calls, with a smile on your face.  If you’re miserable and stony faced that comes across in your tone.  Positivity is essential for success.

Setting a goal for each call is important.  If you’re phoning a particular sector, have company names of similar accounts you have dealt with ready as examples.  If the customer only wants information to hold on file it’s better than not making the call at all.

Don’t jump straight into a full blown pitch or risk sounding like you a reading from a script.  A simple, “Hi, how are you?” goes a long way.  Ask open questions and don’t give the customer a chance to shut you down.

You must be ready for objections.  Have an answer ready.  Is it price?  You can work on that.  Is it service?  Perhaps they are a lapsed customer that weren’t happy with service before.  Offer them incentives.

Maintaining a clean, updated CRM system is key to a successful telemarketing campaign.  Noting the main contact name and key dates for a call back etc.  You will soon find yourself with lots of warm prospects.

If you follow these tips you will soon find yourself with lots of warm leads, appointments and most importantly new customers.

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