How to use LinkedIn for your company

LinkedIn has more than 380 million members, with professionals signing up at a rate of more than two members per second.

Don’t underestimate the value of LinkedIn for your business. If it’s done in the correct way, LinkedIn can significantly grow awareness of your company, as well as develop your business and employee’s networking opportunities.

Your company page

It has to be flawless, up-to-date and accurate to even be worth having. Adding a background image and company logo is a must.

Add a brief but informative company summary. Don’t forget about SEO here (you can ask us if you are not sure), as search engines will pick up keywords in your social profiles. Populate all the fields on your company page.

Post company updates 1-2 times a day at the most or at least 1-2 times a week. Add an image with your post for a more eye-catching update.

Promote your page on all your other marketing assets; your website, business cards, promotional items and labelling, where relevant.

Your employees are important here

Your employees being linked to your company on LinkedIn could increase the views of your company page by hundreds, thousands and possibly millions.

Say you have 150 employees and 1 person views each of their LinkedIn profiles every day.  That viewer looks at your employee’s current position and ultimately views your company page. That’s 150 potentially new people to learn about your company in one day. If this happens daily that’s 4,200 views of your company page per month and 50,400 per year. That’s a lot of people that could know about your business who didn’t before.

Advise your employees on how to use LinkedIn and suggest how they can set up their profiles in a professional way that’s consistent with your brand. Not only does this help your company’s reputation but it will improve your employee’s personal networking opportunities as well.

So are you missing out on the benefits of using this huge business growth and networking tool?

Need help?

Brevity Marketing offers a personalised LinkedIn Etiquette Guide to maximise your company page views on this large professional network. The guide gives you detailed instructions tailored specifically to your company on how to set up your company page and your employees on LinkedIn. It also includes the design of a banner for your company page background image. Please contact us on 01256 830 310 or for more information. We are a marketing agency based in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

We can also help with any other social media, digital marketing, SEO, website, copywriting or design requirements, just ask us.