The web is a catwalk: is your website on trend or so last season?

Fast-paced and continually evolving – this is the dynamic world of website design. If you’re serious about your brand and success, your business should invest in a fresh design every three years.

Fix up, look sharp: is your website more McCririck than Redmayne?

Think about some famous faces and how they present their image to the world. Previously named ‘Best-dressed UK Male by GQ Magazine, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne knows a thing or two about style. Perhaps his modelling career with Burberry, the biggest brand to come out of Basingstoke, helped him develop that dapper sensibility when he was finding his feet in the entertainment industry. The world sees Eddie as refined, sophisticated and modern.

In stark contrast, ponder the sartorial significance of horse-racing pundit John McCririck. Yes, he might have made that deer-stalker hat his ‘signature’ style but he hasn’t changed it in so long that it just feels old-fashioned and stuck in its ways.

Just like any star, your website is in the public domain, so dress it well and keep it on trend. Good website design should balance bravado with personality and sophistication.

That’s where working with a marketing company who also offers website design will help you avoid website mistakes that could cost your brand image dearly.

Style and substance

When we talk about image, we aren’t just talking about aesthetics. Yeah, slick design is impressive and certainly has a part to play in impressing your customers. But it’s a bit like going on a date with someone very beautiful but oh so boring; you need ‘substance’ to back up your good looks. To use the Eddie Redmayne example again, he isn’t just a well-dressed gent; he’s got some serious acting chops to boot.

‘Substance’ takes various forms… New, informative content should be added to your website every month to show customers that you’ve got your finger on the pulse. When your target audience types a search into Google, be there to give them the information they need with regular blog articles.

New landing pages are another way to position yourself as the ‘go-to’ information source on relevant topics whilst simultaneously boosting your SEO. Make that information shareable via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and realise the potential to drive even more traffic to your website.

Giving your business the edge online

Our resident web designer Janine is here with some tips on website design in Basingstoke:

  • Get responsive. If your website still can’t be viewed easily on a tablet and or Smartphone…where have you been? Searches on mobile devices are overtaking desktop searches more and more every day
  • Less is more. Adopt a minimalist approach to navigation and condense your menu bar. Many popular websites have gone back to basics, looking neater and cleaner to ensure the visitor gets a responsive experience on any device
  • Tailor it. Optimised landing pages are key to reducing clicks, improving the customer journey and ensuring visitors go directly to the right page of your website
  • What’s underneath counts too. Make sure landing pages and secondary pages look as smart as your home page – they’re just as important
  • Zig when everyone else zags. Invest in original images, media and animation because these improve your search ranking too. Stock images haven’t gone away but, like a classic jacket, you should find ways to make them your own, such as a dual tone overlay
  • Digital reels are so now, darling. Rotating banners are becoming ‘old hat’. Try one large banner or moving media banners but keep it balanced. If there’s too much going on at once, your visitor may become distracted from your key message

Need more style? Lacking in substance? Make your website design work harder for your business

If you’d like to be more Eddie than John, talk to Brevity about website design that utilises a WordPress theme to develop a bespoke look and feel; that suits your business image and purpose. Combining the talents of our entire marketing team, we’ll take care of everything from planning and managing technical web developers through to copywriting and SEO. Let’s improve your Google rankings and help get your business noticed online for all the right reasons.  Talk to us about infusing your website design with marketing by calling 01256 536 000.